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    British advertising.

    The British summed up in a single GIF.

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    the hottest man alive i’m not fucking around holy fuckkkkk

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    Jonah Hill & Morgan Freeman

    For some reason I couldn’t believe this wasn’t tumblr wanting celebrities to say shit they didn’t but he did and I still think Jonah Hill needs more awards.

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    I control your entire country, kids

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  7. eye detail at miu miu fall 2008

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  10. Watching Murdered By My Boyfriend and it’s hitting home about how abusive and controlling a previous boyfriend was, even when he didn’t hit me.

    Like, how he would lock my phone in a draw when I was at his house, tell me I look like a whore when I was going out, stop me from talking to certain friends that he didn’t feel were a good influence on me..

    I didn’t even notice any of it going on until he pushed me down the stairs after an argument over me talking to one of my friends I’ve known since I was 9.

    So glad I left him.